Our School Story

McKay is a school on the west side of Richmond. It is located in a quiet subdivision with a combination of single family homes, town house complexes and apartments. There is little traffic and parents generally feel that their children are safe on the playground. The children can walk to McKay without crossing busy streets. McKay has a beautiful environment; it is quiet and has good air with few vehicles. 

As all schools in Richmond, McKay is dedicated to providing opportunities for all students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which will enable them to enjoy a productive and satisfying life and to be positive, responsible participants in our democratic society and the global community. The learning partnership between teacher, student and parent will be grounded in an ethic of care and nourished by clarity, communication and consistency. This commitment implies certain responsibilities for all involvved.

MISSION STATEMENT: At McKay, we believe that all students should participate in an educational program which addresses their individual needs and capabilites. Our goal is for students to develop an enthusiasm for learning in a safe and respectful environment which models and fosters:    


CURRENT CONTEXT:  The McKay elementary school population has grown significantly in September, 2019. There are currently 219 students which is 25 more children than the 2018/19 school year. There are 10 classrooms with primary classes at 21 students and Intermediate at 26 students. McKay continues to be a culturally diverse community. There are a 121 children with an ELL designation many of whom are of Asian ancestry. There are 3.4 ELL/ LRT teachers who support a wide range of children with varying learning styles. The school library and teacher librarian (.6) are also an integral resource and support for students and staff. The McKay PAC are very supportive of the school and work to raise funds to support teacher allotments of $200.00 per staff member,  fine arts performances,  an outdoor education subsidy for all grade 6/7 students, technology purchases and some guest speakers.