Our Staff

Name Position Division Grade/Dept.
Mrs. V Perry Administrative Assistant
Mr. L Hurst Principal
Mrs. N Boettcher Classroom Teacher 1 6/7
Ms. A Wai Classroom Teacher 2 6/7
Ms. C Ratum Classroom Teacher 3 4/5
Mr. L Ledesma Classroom Teacher 4 4/5
Ms. K Henrickson Classroom Teacher 5 3/4
Ms. D Shao Classroom Teacher 6 3/4
Mrs. J Trahey Classroom Teacher 7 2/3
Ms. M Lee Classroom Teacher 8 1/2
Ms. D Tang Classroom Teacher 9 K/1
Ms. K Chang Classroom Teacher 10 K/1
Ms. V Cheung Classroom Teacher 11 K
Mrs. F McLeod ELL/ Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. S Wong ELL/ Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. H Ting ELL/ Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. J Dong ELL/ Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. V Lam Physical Education / Support Teacher
Ms. M Mui Teacher Librarian
Ms. S Caine Educational Assistant
Mr. D Ho Educational Assistant
Mrs. R Kandola Educational Assistant
Mrs. A Onrubio Educational Assistant
Mrs. K Robertson Educational Assistant
Mrs. M Schuette Educational Assistant
Mrs. B Williams Educational Assistant
Ms. J Xu Educational Assistant
Ms. A Beckman Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. J Wu Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. A Yan Noon Hour Supervisor
Mr. R Velilla Custodian - Full Time
Mr. E Nerida Custodian - Part Time
Mr. P Selitti Area Counsellor
Ms. L Hurley Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. N Nixon Educational Psychologist
Ms. S Shewchuk School Nurse
Mr. R Duplassie Aboriginal Support Teacher
Ms. R Wang SWIS Worker for Families New to Canada
Mr. T Sars Physical Education / Support Teacher