Our School Story

McKay is a school on the west side of Richmond. It is locaed in a quiet subdivision with a combination of single family homes, town house complexes and apartments. There is little traffic and parents genrally feel that their children are safe on the playground. The children can walk to McKay without crossing busy streets. McKay has a beautiful environment; it is quiet and has good air with few vehicles. 

As all schools in Richmond, McKay is dedicated to providing opportunities for all students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which will enable them to enjoy a productive and satisfying life and to be positive, responsible participants in our democratic society and the global community. The learning partnersip between teacher, student and parent will be grounded in an ethic of care and noursihed by clarity, communication and consistency. This commitment implies certain responsibilities for all involvved.

MISSION STATEMENT: At McKay, we elieve that all students should participate in an educational program which addresses their individual needs and capabilites. Our goal is for students to develop an enthusiasm for learning in a safe and respectful environment which models and fosters:     THINKING          COMMUNICATING          CARING

CURRENT CONTEXT: The past year hs been an energizing year for our school. Afer going through the School Closures process in September of 2016, and then learning that we would indeed be staying open, there was a strong and renewed sense of purpose in our community. We really began celebrating as a group of people united by a common purpose and it has clearly defined who we are. Our excitement was heightened in June 2017 when we learned that we would be increasing by 2 and possibly 3 divisions, making our school larger than it has been over the past 8 years. A new intermediate division, and 1-2 new primary divisions will give an added dimenstion to our school which can only be seen as positive.

McKay is a culturally diverse community and we have 90 children with an ELL designation of which 56 are Levels 1 and 2. Our allocations for both Resource and ELL has increased over the year by .3368 giving us 1.2000 LRT and 1.1400 ELL. This is beneficial for the delivery of strong support and instruction in both areas. An increase in Teacher Librarian time from .4000 to .5000 is also good news for us.