Thinking, communicating and caring

Welcome to McKay

Another school year is about to begin and we are excited about all that is happening at McKay! We are growing by 2 divisions, and we are happy to welcome new staff, new students and families to our community! Last year our PAC generously funded our new Outdoor Classroom Learning Space, and when you have an opportunity, please take a walk by and see it. From the moment it was completed last spring, it  has been used extensively by everyone in our school! This year promises to be an exciting one with many events and initiatives happening. Our newsletters are sent home regularly and are also posted online, so please check and keep yourself updated as to all that is going on at our school!

We are welcoming many new Kindergarten children this year, and we will have 2 classes. This is an exciting beginning for them, and for us as a school too! Whether you are a returning family, or new to our community, we welcome you warmly! You will enjoy being a part of all that we have to offer and we commit ourselves to working with you to provide the best learning opportunities for your children. What is McKay all about? We like to say that it is the school that cares. That is because we created our McKay CARES acronym several years ago and we all live by what it teaches us: We Cooperate; Accept everyone; Respect everyone; Empathize; and behave Safely....CARES!

Please continue to turn to our website and involve yourself in our community as much as you are able! All the best to everyone for a safe, happy, successful and exciting school year 2017/2018!


Mrs. Turnbull; Principal