Thinking, communicating and caring

Welcome to McKay 2018-2019

We are starting another exciting year at McKay and it promises to be a wonderful one, with many exciting events planned! We added another division this September and we are now up to 10 Divisions. This has meant that we have welcomed many new families to our community, as well as new staff and we look forward to getting to know everyone! We had our first Potluck Dinner at McKay and had a great time mixing and mingling together. The question came up many times, "What makes this school so special?" The answer, we think, is that we have a strong culture and a shared vision. This was started several years ago by staff, and has been continued over the years. All the students know it, and so do the staff and parents. It is the McKay CARES acronym and clearly defines who we are and what we strive for. What does McKay CARES mean? It means that everyone in our building CARES....

C: We cooperate

A: We accept everyone

R: We treat everyone with respect

E: We empathize

S: We behave safely

      We encourage you to keep up to date with what is happening in our school. Read the newsletters that are sent home regularly, follow the website, and take the time to talk to us in the hallways in the morning and after school! We are always happy to meet all from our community!

     I look forward to welcoming back our families, and meeting all the new families! All the Best...for the Best Year Ever!


Mrs. Turnbull; Principal

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