Thinking, communicating and caring

Welcome to McKay

Our new school year is well underway and we are happy to begin this year with a new McKay Website! Please check it regularly for frequent updates and just to keep yourself and your family knowledgeable about all the many happenings at our school!

McKay is a welcoming community and we are proud of how well we work and play together. McKay uses the McKay CARES model for Social Responsibility and each day we show that we Cooperate, Accept others, Respect everyone, Empathize with others, and act in a Safe way. This directs how McKay students are everywhere, whether it is at school or out in the community.

At McKay, we have a strong PAC who supports us in all of our endeavours. It is because of them that we have the technology that we have. The PAC also supports us on our many field trips and sponsors hot lunch days and Family Movie nights! We are lucky to have such involved parents!

We welcome all of you to McKay....whether this is your first year, or whether you are returning! Help us to continue to make McKay the warm and welcoming community that it is!

All Candidates Meeting

The Richmond Board of Education along with our stakeholders will be cohosting an All Candidates Meeting on April 27th from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. at the Richmond Secondary School...

Parent Survey on Assessment and Reporting

Dear Parent/Guardian of a McKay Student: The Richmond School District wants to hear from parents on the topic of assessment and reporting. As we implement a redesigned curriculum...