Enhancing Student Engagement and Re-Imagining our School Library

Last year the McKay library learning commons began adding opportunities for students to collaboratively work on coding and ADST multi-age activities during lunch and also with primary and intermediate teachers during instructional time to support collaboration, creative thinking, and critical thinking.  We saw that having a library learning commons available as a shared learning space for students K-7 improved collaboration as students were provided additional opportunities to meet, to make, and to experiment with their ideas while developing digital competencies/computational thinking and core competencies under staff guidance and support.  

This year we would like to further develop the library learning commons into a more student-centered hub that aligns with the ADST goals of the current curriculum through two foci: 1) ADST: As our ADST/maker resources are currently limited, we would want to provide different maker/ADST materials for students specifically around the MIcro:bit and robotics to give students a chance to have richer opportunities to extend on their digital competencies and creativity and potentially show their understanding of other content-area learning through the materials 
2) SPACE: Look at the physical library space, which still has a very traditional look to see how that can be improved to better support the library learning commons model

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021