Change of School Principal

Dear McKay Parents and Students:

I am writing to let you know I have been asked by senior management of the Richmond School District to be the principal at Bridge Elementary School effective July 1st.  School administrators can be moved at any time to take on different leadership roles in the District. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a number of newly registered Kindergarten parents and students to our school and I felt so proud to welcome them to this great school. Although smaller in number, it is a special community with a big heart where all students are welcomed,supported and embraced by the school staff who tirelessly work to teach these children. 

As I walk down the hallways each day, I am always greeted by smiling children who no matter their age love to engage in conversation. They are so friendly , kind and  genuine. It is these special interactions I will really miss and remember with much fondness. I have always looked forward to teaching the children, coaching various teams or simply opening the gym on a rainy day for some kids.  Hopefully this has benefited your child.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the McKay parent community for your on-going support as the school principal.  It has made a real difference and it has been a wonderful partnership. The PAC has also continued, despite the pandemic challenges, to generously support the school financially, but more importantly with your genuine offers of support to ensure our students and staff are well taken care of this school year. 

I am very pleased to welcome Mr. Larry Hurst, the current principal of Bridge Elementary, who will be coming to be the principal at McKay.  I have known Mr. Hurst for many years, and he is an experienced school principal who always displays an ethic of care as a school leader. 

Please drop by the school and hopefully we can have a “distanced” good- bye in the parking lot before the end of the school year. I am confident your child(ren) will continue to have a wonderful education and experience at McKay school. 

Mark Hoath 

McKay School Principal