About the PAC

The McKay Parent Advisory Council believes that the parents of all students at McKay have a vital role to play in their children's education. Our goal is to work in partnership with school administration, staff, parents, students and community organizations to provide a healthy, safe and supportive environment that allows each student to receive the best possible education.

The McKay Parent Advisory Council (MPAC) is the officially recognized voice of the parents and guardians of McKay students. Guided by our mission statement, our dedicated and enthusiastic group of parents work hard to support and promote the following goals:

•    Advise parents about school programs and services
•    Involve parents in school activities
•    Make recommendations to School Administration on school programs and services
•    Organize, in conjunction with school administration and staff, volunteer programs and activities which support the school
•    Assist with fundraising for various school needs
•    Organize community events which complement our school goals and promote spirit within the McKay community
•    Assist parents in providing educational opportunities for their children
•    Provide valuable educational opportunities for parents
•    Promote a spirit of tolerance and cooperation within the school community


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All parents and guardians  of students  registered at Donald McKay Elementary School are members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings along with the school administration and the members of the Parent Executive. All members shall be voting members of the PAC.  The PAC may cooperate and be members of other organizations that are in keeping with our Mission Statement and goals.

Our School value the parental voice.  It is a great way to make a difference, learn more about your child's education system and be part of our children´s sucess.  Parents have an important role that can enrich the decision making in school.


A representative from the McKay Parent Advisory Council attends monthly meetings to keep us informed on what is happening at the District level and what is happening in other Richmond schools.  The R.D.P.A. acts as a liaison between the McKay Parent Advisory Council and the Provincial Parent Association.


Bulletins, newsletters and notices are sent home on a regular basis with your child.  Please watch for these bulletins as they contain notices, important information and news of upcoming events. 


Parent information  bulletin boards are located in the main hall.  Community events, school district information, PAC agendas and minutes, RDPA news and other information which may be of interest to parents are posted here.  If you would like to have a notice posted, please contact the principal.