In conversations with parents, staff and students, we have determined that we need to focus our efforts on helping students take more ownership of their learning, so that it will become more meaningful and important for them. We also need to address some fairly significant issues of anxiety amongst our students. This is an area that is rising in all segments of our population, paticularly amongst young children, and McKay is not immune from this concern.

Staff has expressed the belief that students need to understand their feelings and emotions because they have such an impact on their learning. By addressing these two areas, we hope to develop stronger, calmer, and socially emotionally competent learners.



This is always the more difficult concern. How do we develop an action plan to address our goals? At meetings throughout the year, and particularly at the end of June, we brainstormed many ideas that we have for the upcoming year. They are listed bleow, but are not confined nor limited to this list:

•Continue with our Breakfast Club

•Introduce Lunch Days where the focus will be on nutrition

•Implement Healthy Cooking Classes using produce from our garden

•Continue our gardening program, utilizing our new Outdoor Classroom to enhance curricular instruction

•Expand our morning walks to include a running program for students and having school wide activities such as Zumba in the gym

•Insure that some of our school wide presentations are focused on our school wide goals

•Continue the practice of Yoga and Mind Up with students

•Continue newly devleoped practice of After School Games on Wednesdays

•Introduce Family Activity Nights to help parents learn new and exciting ways of interacting with their children

•Continue Family Teams with a focus on team building activities

•Have Grade 7s teach games to the younger children

•Post rules of games outside, especailly in our new Gaga Ball Pit